Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Hearts

What a week!

I have been shuffling around like a 100 yr old Nanna (Apologies to all fit and spritely 100 yr old Nannas, I don't mean you). I have a pinched nerve in my back and gee whizz batman....has been rather painful. I have been whinging heaps all week and thought it was only fair that I change my name from Jovial Jess to Moaning Myrtle (Whinging Wendy thank you for already blogging this ; )

So I Myrtle thought today I would show you a few things I have been loving this week......(Well apart from pain killers and hot showers)

This cute outfit from ModCloth that I've ordered and can't wait to wear!
My new ray ban glasses....I can see again!!

Gorgeous bit's from Lark (Oh how I want one of everything from Lark)

This got me thinking.....what "distorted" ways of thinking do you have?

Pinterest Funnies : )

My tattoo inspiration for my first inking in dec....SO EXCITED!!


Please santa may I have these curtains............pleeeeease

So want this cute poster for Elijahs bedroom....he is always pretending to be a dinosaur....sorry to all the people at the shops who he "RAWRS"'s just a stage......I hope.....

Hope you have a FAB weekend : )

Love and Peace xox


Penny said...

Thanks for making me giggle today Jess....although I do feel sorry for you and your back....I really do.....!

MARILYN said...

Hi Jesse!!!
Poor girl, So sorry to hear this, I hope you get well very soon!!! Love your new avatar, you look beautiful!! love the black dress that you ordered...So pretty!!! Well girl take care, I know this is painful. Hugs!!! :)

Amanda said...

I know how you feel about the 'rawring' thing ... my little man does that too ;)

misty said...

So funny, thanks for the laughs!

Heather Jacob said...

oh Jess I feel sorry for you with a pinched nerve .. I know the feeling ouch soooooooo painful .... have you tried acupuncture .. it works miracles !!!!! I swear by it .. I was walking like a granny too only I am a granny, not 91 though !!!?? LOL
only 62 ... take care and hope you recover soon .. sending healing energy and love to you xoxoxo

Belinda Lowe said...

Its good to see that you can still have a wicked sense of humour even though you are in ya Jessie Mack

Monica said...

Oh Jess, these are all awesome!! Love the Dinosaur want one too and I am guilty of getting a sore throat for trying to imitate Adele hehe..
I hope you feel better soon - sending you lots of positive vibes!