Friday, November 25, 2011

Enchanted's Friday : ) Gosh I look so forward to the weekends when hubby is home and we all get out and about and have some family time! Although I could do without all the extra mess that one certain hubby creates......

Anyhoo thought I'd give you guys a heads up on a new arrival at my2angels!

Bo Bunny Enchanted is in the house!!!!!!

Think it's just for lovey dovey layout's?? NAY to that I say! I'm going to funk it up....add a POP of colour and do a coolio Elijah layout with it : )

Here's a few pics....

To view the full range go HERE.

Love and Peace xox

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

So Excited....

Sooooooo as we all know, it's getting to that time of the year again.....CHRISTMAS!!! And yes I have a Christmassy layout to share with you.....
Instead of doing a layout with a photo from Christmas day I decided to use a cute non-chrissy photo and scrap about how excited Elijah is about Christmas this year.

This year he is finally old enough to kinda understand what it's all about. He's thrilled to bit's at the idea of Santa coming to deliver him pressies. Every morning he asks "Is it Christmas today mum?" lol

I've been playing with the GORGEOUS Simple Stories 25 Days of Christmas collection pack.
I reallllllllly love this's jam packed with so much goodness, LOVE the houndstooth print thats carried on throughout the it a cool edge.

Tracy has been making all sorts of GORGEOUS chains. She puts in so much time and effort making the most fab embellishments!
I was lucky enough to be sent a few and on this layout I have used the Merry Christmas 2011 Charming Chain. Seriously go check out all her awesome creations HERE.

FABULOUS products used: ALL available at my2angels.
Paper,Stickers & Alphas: Simple Stories 25 days Of Christmas collection.
Felt Border: White Scalloped edge felt frame (which I cut a long side of to create a scalloped border).

What kind of Christmas layouts will you do this year???

Love and Peace xox

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Just EAT it

Sooooooo for awhile now I have been loving reading other bloggy buddies weekly menu plans. I love getting new ideas and trying new recipes!

So I thought I would love to share our weekly menu's too : )

Monday: BBQued Lamb cutlets, corn cobs & asparagus with turkish rolls.
Tuesday: Beef ,date & baby spinach tagine with couscous and green beans.
Wednesday: Tamari, garlic & ginger chicken stir-fry with soba noodles.
Thursday: Chicken thighs stuffed with pumpkin, pistachio & feta chunky dip & wrapped in bacon with garlic mash potato & broccolini.
Friday: Homemade pizza.
Saturday: Out for dinner.
Sunday:Lamb, feta, roast pumpkin & baby spinach salad.

Baking: Banana Bread, Pumpkin Whoopie pies with cream cheese filling

Sooooo tell me, tell me, tell me......what are you cooking this week?????

Love and Peace xox

Friday, November 18, 2011

Friday Hearts

What a week!

I have been shuffling around like a 100 yr old Nanna (Apologies to all fit and spritely 100 yr old Nannas, I don't mean you). I have a pinched nerve in my back and gee whizz batman....has been rather painful. I have been whinging heaps all week and thought it was only fair that I change my name from Jovial Jess to Moaning Myrtle (Whinging Wendy thank you for already blogging this ; )

So I Myrtle thought today I would show you a few things I have been loving this week......(Well apart from pain killers and hot showers)

This cute outfit from ModCloth that I've ordered and can't wait to wear!
My new ray ban glasses....I can see again!!

Gorgeous bit's from Lark (Oh how I want one of everything from Lark)

This got me thinking.....what "distorted" ways of thinking do you have?

Pinterest Funnies : )

My tattoo inspiration for my first inking in dec....SO EXCITED!!


Please santa may I have these curtains............pleeeeease

So want this cute poster for Elijahs bedroom....he is always pretending to be a dinosaur....sorry to all the people at the shops who he "RAWRS"'s just a stage......I hope.....

Hope you have a FAB weekend : )

Love and Peace xox

Monday, November 14, 2011

10 things about Moi

Hey Hey Hey...Long time no blog!

I have been CRAZILY painting canvases and sewing flowers for an upcoming local markets, thus having next to none bloggy time. I'm sooooo excited about all the new flowers I'm little shop will be closed over the christmas break....and then back in the new year with lot's of new "prettier, Blingier, more adult styles" as well as my usual funky bright designs!

So awhile ago I mentioned I'm not just wanting to blog about scrapping. 1: Because, while I LOVE scrapping, I really don't have nearly as much time as I used to to dedicate to it. 2: I am passionate about so many other things 3: A blog is as good a place as any to ramble on.....good therapy I think ; )

So today I thought I would do a blog post about me......I always wonder,WHO is the person behind the blog post, I love getting to know more about you?

10 Things about MOI!

  • You probably already know this, but I'm a LOVER not a fighter. I absolutely try my best to not judge and see the best side of everyone. I do NOT like those silly pinterest quotes I'm always seeing on Facebook about "Karma being a bitch and getting people back" and stuff like that....I respect others rights to say/do what they want, I just think there's far to much negativity and passive aggressiveness out there!  WE ALL HAVE FAULTS, so therefore we REALLY need to cut each other some slack. Oh and don't get me wrong.....I struggle big time sometimes with not judging and seeing the light in people, BUT I make an effort, and really thats all we can do! Love and Peace xox

  • I don't drive. SHOCK HORROR!!! People DO NOT understand this. I am constantly having to justify myself. Quite often I have been in tears because someone has told me how "lazy & pathetic" I am. Or I get "What happens if Elijah really needed to go to the hospital, you couldn't drive him" Ummmm I would call an most would in an emergency......My phobia is driving, maybe I will get over it one day, maybe I won't. I'm still me : )

  • I'm a bit of a geek. I love comics, Star Wars, computer games, transformers. I had a misspent youth and can name pretty much every x-files episode there ever was. I love british humour.......Red dwarf, The young Ones, Bottom, Men behaving badly. The only american comedy I heart is the big bang theory....Sheldon is redonkulously HILARIOUS. 

  • Jesus is my homeboy! Thats right, you heard me, I have a faith and it's what keeps me going on this planet! I believe having a faith is an intensely personal thing, and while I believe Loving God is FREAKIN AWESOME, I would NEVER EVER dream of forcing it down someones throat. It's all about Love and Peace  man xox

  • My FAVE band in the whole wide world is Linkin Park. I do not care if they cool/dorky or too mainstream (yeah talking to the HIPSTERS out there) or whatever......I LOVE them and they can do no wrong in my eyes.

  • I only eat free range meat & eggs. If it's not free range....I just go without. Each to their own with this one. I'm just a guilt tripper and hate the thought of animals going through unnecessary pain/stress. 

  • When I was a teenager I was a metal head. I used to have pictures of bands on my wall that would now give me nightmares. I rocked all different colours of hair.....purple, red, pink, bright blue & dark blue (Note: Blue is cool...until you wash it and it starts fading and turning a lovely mouldy green colour) I had my eyebrow, tongue, lip & many parts of my ears pierced. I used to wear army print shorts and Korn t-shirts. I thought I was all that was cool, I'm pretty sure I just looked like the very definition of teenage angst. I think I speak for my self (and my mother) when I say that era is most definitely OVER.

  • I've always been arty. I did TEE art at school and have taken so many different classes over the years. I have always felt at home with paints and a canvas. I cannot draw to save myself!

  • I'm awkward. I get nervous in social situations and word vomit. I say odd things and get lots of raised eyebrows. I've grown to be ok with just means I have character......right???

  • I hate sports. Don't mind watching the footy on tv....just HATE playing sports. Would much rather be reading a book or painting or having my teeth ripped out.......I'm far to awkward and clumsy for sports. Inpromtu  game of beach cricket at a family/friend for most......nightmare for me : )
OK well there you you know how ODD I am : )
I understand if you decide to never read my blog again LOL

Would love to know more about all my readers...why don't you post 10 random things about you??

Love and Peace xox

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Charity Auction!

Heya Guys : )

I just wanted to let you know about a charity auction I have donated a canvas too....

Mummy's Wish is a charity that helps mums diagnosed with cancer who are pregnant or have young children. They aim to provide practical support and information for mums going through the hugely difficult hurdle that is cancer.

They are having a Charity Auction from the 11th November - 25th November.

I have made a 12 x 12 Canvas for the Auction. It reads "She is thankful for the everyday"

Go and check out the auction....and have a bid : )

Love and Peace xox

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Scrappy Challenge : )

Greetings from planet Jess : )

I'm a bit late sharing this's one I did for Challenge Heaven's October number Challenge.....

I dug into my my2angels stash for lot's of scrappy goodness : )

Flowers and CUTE lady bird.....

Buttons and brads and alphas...oh my....

Love and Peace xox

Friday, November 4, 2011

WINNERs x 3!!!!

Happy Friday Lovely Ladies : )

Well it's the moment you've been waiting for....I am announcing the winners of the Rainbows & Whimsy giveaway!!!!!

Thanks so much to everyone for entering...I wish I could have given everyone a prize!

Ok without further ado......

The winners are: (I picked names out of a hat)

Prize 1 (Hairclips & Headband): Elmiahysup

Prize 2 (Hairclips & Headband): Anita

Prize 3 (Custom Canvas): Geli

If you girls could contact me via e-mail and give me your addresses I will send them on their way : ) And Miss Geli could contact me about what kinda canvas you would like I can get creating : )

Love and Peace xox