Friday, December 17, 2010

Tis the season to care : )

Heya guys!!

Well most of the time I blog about scrapping.....this is The Happy Scrappy Place after all.....but I just wanted to tell you guys about PETA (People for Ethical Treatment of Animals) I know by now you've probably rolled your eyes and gone....Oh those CRAZY animal loving vegan nuts, why on earth would I wanna read about them......but animal welfare is an issue thats always close to my heart. We don't all have to be Hippy mung bean vegans who throw ourselves infront of whale harpoons........BUT we can do things like check out The PETA website every now and again  just so we can be more product aware(like did you know Lipton tea have been doing horrible tests on animals?)...and maybe sign a petition or two....EASY!

Thanks heaps for reading my rambling hehe

Love and Peace and Happiness xox


Ali said...

Good to see another mung bean muncher in scrapping blogland ;-) this is an issue close to my heart too - one that breaks it constantly! Another really easy way to support animal welfare is to go to The Animal Rescue Site and click to donate: (they raise a lot of money for animals who are the victims of natural disasters).

Jasmine S said...

Right there with you Jess. I'm not a "mung bean muncher" as Ali but I do hold animals up there with us and totally support these type of causes.