Friday, November 12, 2010

Better Late than Never......Right??? sincerly sincere apologies for not doing this sooner......

I have recieved not on but THREE Cherry on top Blogger awards.......Wow.....I must be AWESOME.....that or the award has been given to everyone else already and I'm the only one's cos I'm fab....tee hee hee

Anyhoo there are rules that one must abide by when one recieves such a prestigious award....and these are..

1: Thank the person (or in my VERY SPECIAL case people) that gave me the award...THANKS SO MUCH to.....Mel P (No not the spice girl thats mel c & mel b), Miss L to the J & Cathy C!!!

2: Post Award with pride on my blog.....

hmmmm now I want cupcakes....

3: List 3 things I love about me....
  • I love that I'm KooKoo as a Coconut
  • I'm a pretty loving gal......not into judging others
  • I LOVE that between my husband and myself we made the most AWESOME little dude : )
4: Post a pic I Love:

I love this pic cos Eli is looking at me lik "Sooooo your my Mumma"

5: Tag 5 other ppl for the award.....Hmmm I'm gonna get back to this one......will have to find 5 ppl who haven't yet got the sure has been doing the rounds.....stay tuned peeps!!

Love and Peace xox

1 comment:

Karen Shady said...

I soooo love the look on his little face.... He looks so wise... too cute :)