Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chocolate ice-cream is Heaven : )

Welllllll not much scrapping going on for the last couple of days!
My hubby has got a cold and conjunctivitis (ewwww.....not pretty, not pretty at all) so have been performing my wifely duties martha stewert style.....well as much as one can....that lady is too perfect if ya ask me hehe.
I've made chicken soup, cooked a hearty dinner, made copious amounts of honey & lemon tea and have made lot's of "oh you poor thing" and "is there anything I can get" comments.......with the odd "that looks gross....your eyes are pretty puffy" thrown in.......
Soooo I am currentley sitting down with a bowl of brownie fudge obsession ice-cream (Oh how heavenly it is) and actually REALAXING (quite a foreign term for a mother to use).

I would also like to send out LOT's of Love and Peace to all of the wonderful ladies who have joined my blog and left awesome comments : )
It has sooooo made my week!!!
I can't believe how awesome it is to share the love of scrapping with other scrappy peoples!

Anyhoo......can't let my ice-cream melt....


Jasmine S said...

Hope you enjoyed your ice cream. I have a sick fam at the mo. I think each of us has some ailment. Should be a fun weekend. Enjoy!

Sue said...

Don't men make the worst patients??? LOL
The icecream sounded divine though, and am sure you thoroughly deserved it! ;-)