Friday, May 4, 2012

So very EXCITED : )

Hello there lubbly jubbly bloggy readers! I hope you've had a delightfully delightful week : )

I'm so excited to say, I now have my online shop up and running again! Now that I've got a whole bunch of stock made up, I can actually focus on building my wee business locally AND have an online shop. I think I may actually be getting the hang of the whole time management thing.

I've decided to use made it instead of big cartel as it's much easier for me and a lot easier for others to find.

I've been making so much bit's and bob's lately, and have so much more in the works!

I will be adding gorgeous shoe clips, ruffle bags, ruffle bloomers, embellished singlets & twirly skirts to my online shop in the next couple of months......I never thought I would say this but I LOVE sewing!

Here are a few goodies that are available in rainbows & whimsy:

These flowers were so popular at the markets! They are made with lot's of layers so they are gorgeous and full, they have a vintage doily centre with gorgeous pearl beads. the leaves are made from japanese linen and I machine stitch the leaf design on them. I hand sew all of the petals, doilies and beads on, and back them with lovely soft eco-friendly felt. REALLY love making these beauties : )

These pieces would be so fab for a photography prop! They are made with eco-friendly felt, lace ruffle trim, designer fabric, stripy ribbon & vintage buttons.......they really are fabulously whimsical!

I also have a range of hair pins.....I love these little cuties, I must admit I LOVE wearing them in my hair to add a touch of colour!

I thankyou SO much for having a sneaky peaky at my wee blog, I really hope you have a FAB weekend!

Love and Peace xox

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Anonymous said...

LOVEEEEEEE the prints on your large round clips! Need to get some angel ones to wear for the show! (minus the vomit PMLLL)