Thursday, March 1, 2012

Announcing an Announcement......

Hey Hey Hey : )

Sooooooo remember when I said I had a wee announcement?? Do ya??? huh huh huh???

Well I would like to announce my announcement.........ready for it.......

Anytime now......

I'm on the Stuck?! Sketches Creative Team!!!!
I'm so very excited.....I can't believe the gals I get to be on the team with...I mean, they are just so FAB!!

If you read my blog you probably know I left 2 design teams last year. Not because I didn't like the teams....they were awesome.....but because I was in a wee creative funk & also needed to focus on my business and family more. After a break, I've found that I'm totally ready to tackle challenges again. The Stuck?! sketches are PERFECT for me, they get my mojo happening every time. SO very thankful to be on the team!!!

Sooooo here is my application layout.....
Can't wait to blow this photo up to billboard size on Elijah's 21st birthday....mwhahahaha.....

See that AWESOME Denim flower?? See it?? Do ya??? Wellllllll the FABULOUSY FABULOUS Miss  Anita Tillman gave it to me!!! If you haven't joined her blog yet....DO IT...seriously.......DO IT NOW.....her blog is a plethora (cool word hey) of scrappy goodness : )

Once again I've used a chopped up White Scalloped Felt Frame....seriously.....I have a wee addiction to these!!

I also am totally digging Spotted Acrylic Buttons & Coloured Daisy Charms.....cos, well, ya know.......I LOVE daisies!!! The Plaid Brad's are always on my have list....plaid is rad! The Red Pearls are the colour.

I really thank you for visiting my blog, means the world to me

Love & Peace xox


Dolly B said...

Whooo Hoooo Congrats Jess, Gosh they have some talent on the DT with you and Miss Kim. I am not surprised at all that you are both on there. Your layout is beautiful

Mary x

Kim said...

So very cool to be hanging with you, Miss Jess @ Stuck?!
Love your work!!
btw are u going to Brisbane this year ????
Would lourve to catch up again

Penny said...

Well done Jess - so exciting! Your blog always makes me smile.

I've just started following Anita's blog - she is one creative chicky babe!

Anita Tillman said...

OMG - you have just totally made my day... no my WEEK... possibly my month but I can't be too sure.. have to think about it lol!!! Just kidding.. I am stoked you used my flower on your awesome lo ... *blush* .. you rocked it (like I knew you would!!) Thanks Jess! have a great weekend! xoxo
oh and congrats on making the Stuck team - one of my fave challenge blogs!!

Cathy said...

WOO HOO WTG Jess.. so excited for you!! Loving your LO, and Anita's flower looks fab!! :)) hugs