Saturday, December 10, 2011

Nerdy meets Nautical?

Elo Elo Elo, how goes everyone on this fine saturday?

I have a busy weekend, getting lots of last minute tasks done before Elijah and I go to Perth on Monday for a week. Can't wait to catch up with family, and meet 2 new additions to our family!

I have an outfit to share with you today......just something easy and casual. 
I'm really digging my new glasses & new yellow cardi......wish I could wear it with everything!
Oh and my hair is looking a bit dying it tomorrow!

So I'm not sure what you'd call this outfit...nerdy meets, nautical maybe???

Such a comfy outfit to run errands in : )

Skirt: City Chic
Top: Kmart
Cardigan: ModCloth
Shoes: ASOS

Hope you have a FABULOUS weekend!

Love and Peace xox


Anita Tillman said...

Stinkin' cute - that's what i'd call it!! Enjoy your trip! xox

Dolly B said...

Looks fabulous Jess, loving the glasses as well. WTG and have a fabulous time in Perth

Mary x

Jasmine S said...

Think you look awesome and love that yellow cardi.
And re the hair thing....I am glad you cannot see mine. After returning from Qld my hair wasn't in the best condition and it needed a good cut and color. As I could not get an appointment I decided to go to the quick in and out hairdresser where they dont even dry off your hair....I know I know but that is the good bit, she did a fabulous job with the cut. Then I thought I would buy a do it yourself color...Thought I would go blonder. Now I am sporting every color of the hair rainbow and with every wash it changes....NOICE.

Leanne J said...

hey hey sexy lady...

i think its alittle Big BAng Inspired.. so i'm LOVIN it..
oh i have the bestest hair dresser..but you'd have to come all the way over here to see her...

Belinda Lowe said...

Thanks for the rap LJ..........
And Jessie Mack - I would never be able to pull that off Awesome

Kerri said...

You look very cool Jess!
Love your hair and glasses! Wish I looked like you! lol!!
Have a great Xmas and happiest 2012!
luv and hugz
K x