Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Prayer time!!!

I just wanted to send out some LOVE,PEACE & PRAYERS to all my scrappy friends and thier families who are being evacutaed and those who have been effected by the flooding.....You guys are in my thoughts, heart and prayers....I'm really hoping you are all safe and well.....The devastion is heartbreaking....Take care guys!


Cathy said...

Thanks for your kind thoughts Jess. We are all safe here as we are fortunate to be on higher ground... it's just so devastating!!

Leanne said...

yep and to think that huge wall of water started up here on the mountain.. glad i dont live in the centre of toowoomba and that we are lucky out here.. the house is fine and we have food... looks like there wont be a way out of toowoomba for quite awhile with the state of the roads and the water... but i have my fingers crossed that my boxx Dt kit will make it to me...thanks for your love and hope that you are okay over there on the other side of the country.