Friday, September 24, 2010


Heya Ladies......I've been a bit MIA this last week and a bit...I came down to Perth to visit for a couple of days....and have ended up staying longer.....will be back in good ol Port Hedland next Thursday!! I think I may have gone a little (translate - ALOT) crazy buying scrappy bits. It's soooooo nice to be able to go into actual stores and look at all the products. I have bought TONS of pretty girly bits and bobs.......will have to find something to do with them as I only have a boy hehehe....... Anyhoo I hope you guys are all having an awesome week.....Love and Peace xox

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Leanne said...

wondered what happened to you.. no ones been spreading any peace around lately..
hopefully your order should be waiting for you when you get home.. and LOL about scrappy shops.. i do that all the time....
anyho.. hope you are good.. talk soon..
SUgar BABy